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Beauty Image Madagascar Cartridge

 Crafted with 100% sustainable Tamanu Oil and Palm Oil from Madagascar, this roll-on combines comfort, natural elements, and effectiveness, making it ideal for removing coarse hair. SKU:G480VSKU:G480V

Suited to

Beauty Image Vegan Strip Wax Cartridge – 110ml

Sustainable Comfort for Flawless waxing experience

Eco-friendly waxing has arrived!  Beauty Image Vegan Roll-On Wax Cartridge from the Madagascar line is your go-to solution for achieving impeccable waxing results and radiant skin. Infused with Tamanu Oil and Palm Oil sourced from 100% sustainable crops in Madagascar, this roll-on offers the utmost comfort and natural goodness to cater to your preferences. It’s specifically designed to effectively remove coarse hair while providing deep moisturization, skin restoration, and a soothing effect.


Key Features:

  • Suitable for all skin types and facial/body hair
  • Creamy texture with a low melting point for effortless application
  • Paraffin-free formula, absent of preservatives, colorants, and perfume
  • Delivers a soft pull with strips for a gentle waxing experience
  • Contains 110 ml of roll-on wax


Why Opt for Vegan Roll-On Wax?

The Vegan Roll-On Cartridge offers a comfortable waxing experience alongside impeccable skin benefits. Part of the Madagascar line, it harnesses the power of sustainably sourced Tamanu Oil and Palm Oil, ensuring efficacy and natural comfort. Its versatile nature makes it an ideal solution for removing coarse hair while deeply nourishing and calming the skin, culminating in a more even skin tone.

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