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Katherine Daniels Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator Trial Size – 30ml

$16.95Inc GST

Experience the luxurious and revitalizing effects of our Trial Size Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator – 30ml, eliminating dry and dull skin to reveal a velvety soft feeling.

Suited to

Trial Size Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator – 30ml

Eliminate dry dull skin cells to reveal the new skin and a velvety soft feeling.

For smooth soft skin
Our salon strength cocktail of Sea Salts from around the world are bound with Essential Oils giving a luxurious and gentle exfoliation, eliminating dead skin and impurities to reveal revitalised and silky soft skin.

Why we’ve made this product for you…

A serious skin hero. A cocktail of sea salts from around the world bound in the perfect amount of essential oils to exfoliate your body. Eliminating dry dull skin cells to reveal the new the healthy cells and a velvety soft feeling skin.

Dead skin cells not only dull your skin’s surface they absorb your moisturisers meaning you use more than you need. But moisturise your regularly exfoliated skin, you will eliminate dull, flaky dry areas with our gorgeous ‘glow giver.’




Why you’ll love this product…

Our cocktail of Sea Salts are 3 different size crystals. The largest exfoliating your skin most superficially the smallest giving you a supreme, deep-down exfoliation. They’re rich in skin perfecting trace elements and minerals.

Our essential oils have been selected for their amazing fragrance as well as their ability to nurture, calm and relax your skin. Simply shower or bathe off the salt crystals and the essential oils will continue to work their magic long after you’ve used the product.

We’ve cleverly crafted the perfect amount of oil and salt to avoid separation of the 2 ingredients. You’ll have no mixing squeeze it straight out of the tube and ‘get your glow on’.




What makes Gentle Oil & Salt Exfoliator so good?

Let’s look at how it works….


From the Himalayas, Egypt and France. Rich in skin perfecting trace elements and minerals to bring a skin exfoliating experience from the most superficial, through to the deepest level. There’s no scratching or irritation, just beautiful soft, glowing skin.


These include Lavindin, Petitgrain, Cypress, Geranium, Rosemary and Chamomile. The first thing you’ll love is the fragrance. Then you’ll appreciate the skin calming and relaxing properties of our essential oil blend.


A skin humectant. Taking the moisture from your bath or shower and trapping it into the upper layers of your skin to help take dull dehydrated skin back from the brink.


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