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Katherine Daniels Sensitive Skin Rich Cream Trial Size – 20ml

$39.95Inc GST

A comforting cocoon for dry, sensitive skin, providing immediate relief and restoring skin’s natural balance.

Suited to

Trial Size Sensitive Skin Rich Cream – 20ml

It cocoons your fragile sensitive skin. Immediately soothes the surface of your dry sensitive skin.


Comforting, Soothing Formulation
Our rich salon strength cream delivers a soothing sensation to your skin’s surface, while key ingredients are delivered to the deeper layers to heal, restore and strengthen your skin’s functions. A real treatment for sensitive skin to reduce the 5 phenomena of skin sensitivity: pain, swelling, itching, redness and heat, leaving your skin soothed and comforted.

Why we’ve made this product for you…

Sensitive Skin Rich Cream is a cocooning, comforting texture for your dry sensitive skin. It immediately soothes the surface of your skin and transforms your skin which is red or high in colour to a more even and calm appearance. Thanks to its rich salon strength formulation it delivers nourishing and hydrating ingredients to your skin. It leaves your skin soft and supple.

Our advanced scientific ingredients are delivered into the deeper layers of your skin to bring strength and resilience. Your skin will be better equipped to defend itself against aggressors.

When your skin’s barrier becomes damaged or weakened pollution and irritants can enter your skin. Precious moisture is lost, causing dehydration. This leads to the loss of your skin oils. If you’re prone to skin dryness the problem may become worse.

In the beginning sensitive skin may appear as slight flushing in response to external factors, changes of temperature, touch or products.

In the later stages and a more severe form it may flush more deeply in response to caffeine, alcohol, spicy food and hormonal changes. This causes burning and stinging sensations. Your flushing may take a longer time to reduce.


Why you’ll love this product…

Sensitive Skin Rich Cream is a comforting texture. It cocoons your fragile sensitive skin bringing an immediate calming sensation.

It will immediately soothe the surface of your dry sensitive skin thanks to the hyper effective formulation. It will help to reduce the signs of skin sensitivity: pain, swelling, itching, redness and heat.

With regular use your skin will be restored. It will be more able to defend itself and more able to act more youthfully.






hat makes Sensitive Skin Rich Cream so good?

Let’s look at how it works…


Investigates the relationship between your nervous system and your skin. Your nervous system signals your skin to respond or react to stimulus. It does this by a skin messaging service. It instructs the release of the aggressive messenger. It’s this that creates your skin reaction: pain, swelling, itching, redness and heat. To reduce this aggressive message we must change the signal and the messages to messages that tell your skin to be calm and act like an anti-inflammatory. By using this ingredient, over time your skin learns to react less and respond well. It becomes stronger and more resilient to stimulus.


This seaweed extract will heal, calm, soothe and regenerate your fragile skin making it more resilient to stimuli.


This peptide complex accelerates the rejuvenation of your skin cells. It too rewinds the clock and encourages your skin to regenerate as it did 11 years ago. It repairs the DNA of your cells after exposure to pollution, UV and blue light radiation. Helping to protect your skin from the formation of dark pigmentation marks and reduce existing marks.


Another antioxidant to prevent UV damage and slow sun related skin ageing.


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