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Katherine Daniels Micro Cloths

$14.50Inc GST

Katherine Daniels Micro Cloths – Gentle, efficient, and super soft microfiber cloths for luxurious cleansing and makeup removal

Micro Cloths

1 pair

Micro fiber has many virtues, apart from being as soft as a kitten, which means it’s gentle on your skin, even the most delicate skin, will not feel irritated in the same way that it may when muslin cloth or cotton/ toweling cloths are used to remove your cleansing products, exfoliator or masks.

The added benefit comes from the structure of the micro fiber itself. Each loop within the cloth has an invisible (to the eye) hook at the top of the loop. This is why when dry micro fiber feels like it sticks to your hands, especially if they are a little dry.

When used with your Step 1 – Skin Essentials cleansing products, something magical happens!


Why we’ve made this product for you…

Use your Micro Cloths to remove everything from your skin. From your cleansing and exfoliating products through to your mask.

They are made of the softest, fluffiest microfibre. They perfectly maintain the warmth of water and they’re super soft. They glide across your skin, efficiently removing everything including your make-up, without rubbing or scrubbing and without scratching or irritation. Your make-up removal and skin cleansing will become a luxurious ritual.


Why you’ll love this product…

Our Micro Cloths will take your skin cleansing and product removal to a new level. With speed and efficiency revealing the cleanest skin, in the shortest amount of time.


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