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Dadi Oil – 72ml

$67.85Inc GST

What It Is
Our blend of 95% certified organic oils, fortified with Natural Vitamin E, penetrates for the ultimate in nail flexibility and shine. Plus, Dadi’®Oil
rejuvenates appearance from head to toe. Use under the eyes after makeup removal, or for chapped lips and skin.

What It Does
Delivers flexibility, toughness and shine to the nail.  Also offers fast, non-greasy deep penetration to the nail and skin.

To condition and moisturise nails and skin.

Notable Ingredients
High-Purity Avocado Oil
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Jojoba Oil
Tocopherol (Natural Vit E)

Apply to the top and underside of the nail and massage into the plate and surrounding skin. Apply directly to the skin to condition and moisturize. Use as desired.

Greasy residue left.

180 mL / 6 fl oz
3.75 mL / .125 fl oz – 24 pac
72 mL / 2.4 fl oz
15 mL / .5 fl oz

About Famous Names:

Co-founder Jim Nordstrom, and his two siblings began Creative Nail Design out of their family garage in 1979. Creative Nail Design was sold to Revlon in 1995, with Jim staying on as CEO for 5 more years. Linda Nordstrom is an educator and advocate for nail technicians worldwide. As Co-founder, she leads global marketing and education strategy; moreover, she still finds time to be a tireless and supportive daily resource for Famous Names’ network of raving and enthusiastic nail technicians.




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