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Dispel Hospital Grade Disinfectant – 1L

Natural Look Hospital Grade Disinfectant – A powerful and versatile solution to cleanse, disinfect, and deodorize surfaces, ensuring a germ-free environment with a delightful fresh fragrance.

Suited to

Hospital Grade Disinfectant – 1L

Say goodbye to germs and hello to a fresh, clean space with Dispel Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Our powerful formula is designed to cleanse and disinfect a wide range of surfaces, making it ideal for hairdressing and beauty therapy equipment, basins, sinks, floor tiles, toilet bowls, garbage bins, and drains.



  • Antibacterial germ-killing action with a clean, fresh fragrance.
  • Disinfects surfaces including toilet bowls, garbage bins, drains, etc.
  • Dilute as directed to kill germs* and deodorize hairdressing and beauty therapy equipment, benchtops, floors, and walls.


How To Use:

For hospital-grade disinfection, dilute 1 part disinfectant to 20 parts water to kill Escherichia Coli on contact. Remove soil and all foreign matter from all surfaces prior to disinfecting with a 1 to 20 solution of this disinfectant in water. Wash well. Discard diluted solution after use. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals. Not for use on therapeutic devices.


Available Sizes:

Key Ingredients:

(Staphylococcus Aureus & Escherichia Coli). Tested Under BS EN 1276:2009. Contains Quaternary Ammonium Compound 1.0% w/w.

About Natural Look:

Natural Look Australia is Artav Australia’s most influential brand, representing the best of our mission: to deliver the purest, high-quality standard products, to be environmentally safe and cruelty-free, at competitive prices, globally.


About Artav Australia:

Established as a humble salon in 1954 in South Australia, Artav Australia has grown into a global hair and beauty manufacturer. As a hairdresser and beauty specialist, Artav founder Arturo Taverna grew his business to become what it is today. Artav is today one of the largest manufacturers of professional hair care and beauty products in Australia.


Proof of Registration:

You can trust Dispel Hospital Grade Disinfectant as it is registered with the Therapeutic Goods Administration under ARTG Listing Number: AUST 62446. Our Sponsor Enterprise ID is 26366.

Make cleanliness and hygiene your priority with Dispel Hospital Grade Disinfectant. Ensure a germ-free environment and enjoy a refreshing fragrance that will leave your space feeling revitalised.

Order yours today and experience the power of hospital-grade cleanliness!

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