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With an award-winning portfolio of Dermalux LED devices, we have a robust range of systems designed to your clinical requirements; whether you are a multi-room spa or clinic or a sole trader operating from home, there is a Dermalux device to suit your business and budget!

No matter the device, all Dermalux® systems use only clinically proven wavelengths delivered at the optimised intensity and dose enabling effective photobiomodulation of targeted cells and skin tissue with proven results.

So which device is for you and your business?

For the entry-level clinic; Dermalux Flex MD

Precision, Power, Portable, Performance.

Taking entry-level to the next level, the Dermalux Flex is the most advanced portable LED system in the world. The perfect addition to any at-home salon or bustling clinics that are looking for an LED device to use as a treatment add on between treatment rooms, the Dermalux Flex is a device suitable for all.

Its flexible LED canopy is secured in a base unit for application to the face and can be removed and positioned flat for treatment of the body. Offering the perfect complexion boost, the Dermalux Flex can be integrated to enhance and accelerate treatment results.


  • Lightweight and portable

  • Medically CE certified for Acne, Wound Healing, Psoriasis and Pain (Musculoskeletal). Also, for range of cosmetic indications including Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Redness.

  • Application for face and the body


For the everyday salon, spa or clinic; Dermalux Tri-Wave

Global Best-Selling LED Phototherapy Device

Looking for a superior LED Phototherapy device that you can easily move between treatment rooms at your salon, spa or clinic? Look no further than our global best-seller, the Dermalux® Tri-Wave! This free-standing system was built with a lightweight ergonomic design featuring wheels to make it easier for therapists to move around throughout the clinic.

The Dermalux® Tri-Wave comes with a full coverage ‘wrap around’ treatment head and optional flat LED panel extending treatment to larger body areas. The eight LED panel treatment head has an automated height control operation for easy positioning and client comfort.

Our LED treatment head also has the capability to emit all 3 of our clinically-proven wavelengths separately, or at the same time, without having to fuss about changing the heads. ⁠


  • Global best-seller

  • Full coverage 8 panel ‘wrap around’ LED treatment head for face and body

  • Single and multi-mode treatments

  • Pre-set protocols (20 minutes)

  • Post-treatment protocols (10 minutes)

  • Custom wavelength treatments

  • Automated treatment head positioning

  • Ergonomic design; easy to move

  • Optional ‘flat’ LED treatment panel for larger body areas

  • Touch screen control panel


For clinics where space is an issue; Dermalux Compact

Ideal for LED Light Lounges

Ideal where space is an issue, the Dermalux Compact is a tabletop version of the Dermalux Tri-Wave with the same LED specifications and transformative results for the skin. With fully automated and flexible positioning, the Dermalux Compact can provide treatments over a bed or as an express service with a chair – meaning your clients can get their LED phototherapy treatments either seated or lying down.

The flexibility of the Dermalux Compact has resulted in the roll out of a new ‘LED Light Lounge’ concept globally, with salons opting to introduce 2 to 4 devices into their space. The LED light lounge concept has the power to add a little “wow-factor” to your salon space whilst also allowing your therapists to work on other clients at the same time, delivering a higher profit per minute for your business.

An LED light lounge can also increase your salon profits by allowing group or couple bookings between friends, family, partners and more. They can also work as great bonus or reward treatments for your VIP clients when they increase their spend in the salon without having to compromise the time of your therapist.


  • Tabletop system of Dermalux Tri-Wave

  • Ideal where space is an issue

  • 5 LED panels for face and body

  • Fully automated treatment positioning

  • Treatments in seated or lying position

  • Perfect for an LED Light Lounge concept


For the advanced skin clinic; Dermalux Tri-Wave MD

The Most Powerful, Medical Grade LED in the World

Specifically made for advanced skin clinics where powerful, transformative results are front of mind – it’s no surprise the Dermalux Tri-Wave MD is the most powerful LED system in the world. This ground-breaking medical device is powered by proprietary LED technology for the most advanced phototherapeutic and photodynamic treatments available.

The Dermalux Tri-Wave MD has fully customisable pre-set and post-treatment protocols with three power output settings, whilst bespoke protocols can be programmed based on delivered joules or time. What makes it ground-breaking, is that it is the ONLY LED system capable of delivering three concurrent, clinically proven wavelengths at the same time with precision and amplified optical power to promote maximum cell activation.


  • Articulated 4 LED panel design for face and body

  • Zero-gravity arm for flexible positioning

  • Forced air cooling temperature regulation

  • Active airflow technology for patient comfort

  • 20 Pre-set standalone, combination and post-treatment protocols

  • Custom protocols by delivered joules or time

  • Photodynamic Therapy (PDT): mono and polychromatic protocols

  • Variable optical power settings

  • Operation via full-colour capacitive touch screen

  • Medically CE certified for Acne, Wound Healing, Psoriasis and Pain (Musculoskeletal). Also, for a range of cosmetic indications including Rejuvenation, Pigmentation and Redness.


Trade in your old LED device, working or not and we will give you $500 OFF your Dermalux purchase!

If you aren’t sure which Dermalux LED system is best-suited to your business, get in touch with us today & allow our professional Dermalux experts to lend you a helping hand.




Original Blog by Dermalux Australia

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