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Katherine Daniels Treatment Boost for Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation



Pure Beauty Awards 2021 SHORTLISTED – Best New Premium Anti-Ageing Product


Our salon strength Treatment Boost uses the exceptional power of rejuvenating plant stem cells for a global anti-ageing effect. Thanks to our dynamic blend of skin strengthening ingredients we target lines, wrinkles, loss of tone, pigmentation & dark spots, redness, dehydration, dryness and an uneven skin texture.

Our Treatment Boost packs a powerful punch. Up your skincare game up and achieve outstanding results with regular at home use.

Why we've made this product for you...



Real Results

We put the power of our Treatment Boost to the test over a 56-day trial period with our volunteer Donna.

No salon treatments were given during the 56-day trial period. These results have been achieved only on a twice daily homecare routine and guidance given at our Virtual Skin Bar.

Donna shares her experience of using the Treatment Boost for Anti-Ageing & Rejuvenation. “I was seriously impressed! I saw an almost immediate change in my skin tone. It was less red and more even in colour. Between day 7-14 my skin became plumper, it was softer and the open pores looked smaller.

By week 3/4, I was being complimented on my skin! (The compliments unprompted, I might add!). It was a huge boost to my confidence.

Towards the later part of the test, I noticed the vertical lines between my brows are less pronounced. My laughter lines hardly visible. For a lady of nearly 50, I’m really impressed.”

Donna is proof that with the right advice and great products, you can look more than fabulous for your age. Are you inspired to claim better skin for life?




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