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Katherine Daniels Treatment Boost for Acne & Blemished Skin




Our salon strength Treatment Boost uses the power of bacteriostatic plant stem cells. It protects your skins delicate microbiome, this promotes skin health and prevents bacteria from multiplying which may lead to breakouts. Your skin imperfections will become less as we work towards a clear complexion. A lightweight formulation that leaves no oily residue on your skin.

When treating acne and blemished prone skin we need to treat it gently – we don’t use harsh stripping ingredients. We treat your skin at surface and cellular level, and get to the heart of your skin problem.

Our Treatment Boost packs a powerful punch. Up your skincare game up and achieve outstanding results with regular at home use.

Why we've made this product for you...

Oily skin is a genetic skin type. Don’t mistake it for a ‘manmade’ problem skin (a problem made by treating it as oily) with harsh, skin stripping products used on it. In this case please take some advice from one of our Skincare Experts at our Virtual Skin Bar.

An oily skin over produces oil, it has a high alkaline pH. This allows a higher-than-normal amount of bacteria to breed on your skin both at surface level and at cellular level. Excess oil presents as a thick waxy secretion on your skin. Hair follicles become blocked due to trapped sebaceous filament. Once blocked it may become a blackhead, this presents as a plug within the follicle which may lead to swelling and inflammation of the area and a spot forms. The bacteria will be fought by your white blood cells, these ‘die ‘once their work is done and this presents as a whitehead.

On your skin’s surface bacteria communication increases. It’s a ‘party on your skin’ for the multiplication of more spot forming bacteria.

Our Acne & Blemished Skin Treatment Boost packs a powerful punch. Up your skincare game and achieve outstanding results with regular at home use.



How we've made this product for you...

The exceptional regeneration potential of plant stem cells is at the heart of the Katherine Daniels Treatment Boost Collection.

Plant stem cells contain and produce a huge number of active ingredients such as amino acids, lipids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and growth factors. Using our own unique stem cell technology our team of skin scientists have harnessed the power of Plasma Rich Cell Factors (PRCF).

Plasma Rich Cell Factors (PRCF) are a new generation of uber-effective, sustainable ingredients which create these innovative, targeted treatments that deliver remarkable real results.



How to use your Treatment Boost for Acne & Blemished Skin

Use AM & PM on clean skin as part of your Katherine Daniels regime. Apply half a pipette instead of your Step 2 – Skin Boost.

Follow with your favourite Step 3 – Skin Defence products.

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