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Lavender Sanding Block

Perfect for professional salons this versatile tool ensures flawless results every time. SKU:CG3314SKU:CG3314

Suited to

Lavender Sanding Block – 1 piece Nail file 

Indulge in professional-quality nail care with our Lavender Sanding Block. Featuring four sanding surfaces with a coarse 120 grit, this versatile tool effortlessly smoothens and refines nails during manicures or pedicures.


Key Features:

  • Premium quality
  • Coarse grit: 120 grit

Effortlessly achieve salon-quality results with our Lavender Sanding Block, the ultimate tool for flawless nails.


Know Your Nail Files:

Understanding the Different Grits

  • 80, 100 & 120 Grit Files (Coarse): These files are best suited for removing and shortening the length of overlays. They’re also popular for dense toenails, although care is required when using them.
  • 180 Grit Files (Medium): Ideal for contouring the whole nail, these files are used to prep the natural nail before applying any product. They’re also essential during manicures for shortening or shaping the natural free edge.
  • 240 Grit Files (Fine): The least abrasive option, these files are commonly used to prep nails before applying UV gel polish. They’re also perfect for removing shine and are gentle enough for brittle nails, where a 180 grit file may be too abrasive.

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