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Deluxe Digital Bead Steriliser

Achieve fast and efficient sterilisation of small instruments with its advanced features and automatic operation.

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Digital Bead Steriliser

The Ultimate Tool for Quick and Efficient Sterilisation of Small Instruments


The Silver Fox Digital Bead Steriliser is the ultimate solution for achieving fast and efficient sterilisation of small instruments. With its advanced features and automatic operation, this steriliser is designed to provide exceptional convenience and effectiveness.


Key Features:

Advanced Sterilisation: Utilise high-temperature glass beads to sterilise tweezers, scissors, manicure/pedicure implements, and more within seconds.

Automatic Operation: Simply place the instruments inside the sterilisation chamber, and let the unit do the rest for fast and hassle-free sterilisation.

Even Heat Distribution: Specially designed beads retain and distribute heat evenly, ensuring thorough sterilisation of the instruments.

User-Friendly Design: Electronic timer allows precise control over the sterilisation process, tailored to suit different instruments and requirements.

Longevity and Effectiveness: Easily replaceable beads guarantee the longevity and effectiveness of the steriliser.

Peace of Mind: Enhance your sterilisation practices with this high-quality and reliable unit, backed by a 12-month back to base warranty.


Measurements: 20 x 20 x 19cm

Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Silver Fox Digital Bead Steriliser. Streamline your sterilisation routine and ensure the safety of your instruments with this essential tool.


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